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Fast, Free, No Obligation Valuation.

Due to a pause in production of new cars we are expanding our used car stock at both locations. We feel as a company there are no better cars to buy back than the ones we have previously supplied to our valued customers. Therefore if you have…

a) No requirement for your current car

b) No need for two cars

c) Do not want to continue finance payments

d) Want to reduce outgoings

e) Do not use your vehicle enough to justify keeping it...

then M53 Ford will purchase your car today. We will offer you more than the current market value. Cars with outstanding finance are not a problem. If the outstanding amount is less than the value we will pay you the difference back into your bank. 

At M53 Ford, we’ll be happy to buy and sell your Ford vehicle, and will provide a fair and honest valuation based not only on its age and mileage, but also on its overall condition. By filling in the form below, you can obtain a free estimate of the car’s value, which we can verify when we inspect it in person.

Simply complete the details required and a member of our experienced team will be in touch to discuss the valuation and your options for sale or part-exchange. The process is quick and hassle-free, and you’re guaranteed to be offered a competitive price. We’ll be happy to help you make the first step towards buying an exciting new vehicle.

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