See how a Ford Protect Service Assure Plan could benefit you.

Ford Protect Service Assure is one of the very best forms of service plan to help maintain the condition of your vehicle for longer. This cost-effective scheme enables you to spread the costs of servicing and vehicle maintenance over an agreed period of time, meaning that you will avoid any surprise charges when the time comes to complete your servicing needs.

By investing in a Ford Protect Service Assure plan, you will also be able to benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that any costs are protected against inflation and fluctuations, thereby enabling you to better budget for the future. The service plan is simple, flexible and affordable, and thus represents the ideal means for keeping your vehicle in prime condition for longer.

At M53 Ford in Ellesmere Port and Birkenhead, Cheshire, we’re delighted to be able to provide you with full details of the scheme. Our aftersales department - which has access to the very best in state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturer-approved parts and accessories - will be able to answer any questions you may have in order to ensure you’re aware of precisely what the plan covers.

Spread the cost:

To help you budget your finances, with Service Assure, rather than paying for your service all at once, you spread out the cost through monthly payments over a chosen period of time.

Inflation proof, fixed prices:

The monthly payments are fixed, with a guarantee of no price increases for the duration of your agreement.


Just like many other household bills, payments are made by Direct Debit, so it’s all automatic and hassle-free.

Tailored to your needs:

One size does not fit all! Service Assure plans are made to measure. You choose the mileage and number of services you want to cover and we calculate a price to suit your needs.

Quality assurance:

With Service Assure, you still receive our great Ford service, with all work carried out by Ford trained technicians using only genuine Ford parts and all the latest diagnostic equipment.

For new or used vehicles:

In the event that you change your vehicle, don’t worry, our hassle-free Service Assure plans mean that any outstanding monies will be reimbursed* or can be put towards a Service Assure plan for your new vehicle.

*subject to administration fee

Flexible and transferable:

Whether you choose Service Assure or not, it pays to remember that a vehicle with a full service history, especially one serviced at an authorised Ford dealer, can have a better future re-sale value than a similar vehicle that hasn’t.

Helps maintain the value of your vehicle:

Service Assure is not just for new vehicles. If you already own a Ford and its servicing is all up to date or you are buying a Ford Direct used vehicle, then your vehicle will be eligible for a Service Assure plan.