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Scheduled Servicing Update: Ford have announced an extension to their service due dates until further notice however their mileage tolerance remains at 1,000 miles.

Ford Ranger - Servicing Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my Ford Ranger be serviced?


Every 12 months (or 10,000 miles).

How much will it cost to service my Ford Ranger?


Please contact us today to discuss the type of service you require.

How much does it cost to service the Ford Ranger – is it expensive to maintain?


We offer a range of Service Plans, as well as specific servicing for vehicles aged one to three, and for those that are four years or older. Compared to other vehicles in its class, the Ranger tends to be very affordable to maintain.

How often should the Ford Ranger be serviced?


Once every 12 months or every 10,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

Can I get my Ford Ranger’s air-conditioning fixed?


Yes. We’ll be happy to do this – please make an appointment with us at your earliest convenience.

How do I reset my 2018 Ford Ranger’s service light?

  1. Turn the ignition off.
  2. Simultaneously press the accelerator and brake pedals all the way down, then start the ignition. The service icon will begin to flash.
  3. Keep both pedals pressed down until the service icon stops flashing and disappears altogether.

How do I change my Ford Ranger’s oil?


While it’s possible to do this yourself, you might prefer a member of the M53 technical team to do so on your behalf, partly because gloves and eye protection are required to carry out the task.

Can you service my 3.2-litre Ford Ranger?


We can, yes. Please give us a call today – or complete our online booking form.

How do I change the oil in my Ford Ranger?


This can be a messy procedure and requires the right tools. To make sure the job’s done safely and correctly, please contact us today to make an appointment.