Ford Escort MK1 shortlisted as one of the best British cars of all time

Though the British car industry has had its down points throughout the years, it’s equally — or perhaps moreso — had a huge number of glitzy highlights to make it a global powerhouse.

Ford Escort MK1, Orange.

Ford Escort MK1

Ford may be very much American at a corporate level today, but the cars built in Dagenham back in the day were quintessentially British. The square, iconic shape of the MK1 Escort is something so recognisable, so inherently right that it came to be one of the most popular cars the UK has seen. MK1 Escorts are highly sought after today, which is driving prices through the roof. You’d never have thought that these cars would have become future classics, but they have – and they seem to be in greater demand than ever before.

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