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Ford announces charging scheme for plug-in owners

New FordPass system gives owners access to chargers at home or on the road

Ford has revealed that it is introducing a new service which will give owners of plug-in cars access to chargers both at home and on the road.

Called FordPass, the service will be focused around an app which will allow vehicle users to locate, navigate to, pay for and monitor the charging status at one of more than 125,000 charging network locations across 21 countries.

It’ll come into play when Ford begins delivery of new all-electric vehicles next year, giving drivers multiple charging options wherever they are.

Ted Cannis, Ford’s director of global electrification, said: “One of the biggest hold-ups for customers considering an electric vehicle has been the fear of running out of power or the inability to find a place to plug in,”

“By offering industry-leading charging access, including the largest network of public charging stations among any automaker, we are dismantling those barriers, allowing more customers to confidently enjoy the benefits of owning an electric vehicle.”

FordPass will also give owners the ability to monitor their electric cars charging status at home. Ford’s upcoming electric vehicles will all come with a home charge cable, allowing drivers to easily top up their car’s electric batteries at home.

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