Our Motability benefits

Do you qualify for Motability? If so, a wide range of Motability benefits await you.

Why choose Ford as a motability scheme provider Since 1977, Ford has been a key part of the Motability scheme, aiding disabled individuals, their families, and caregivers to access mobility.
Home charging If you’re leasing your first fully electric car on the Motability Scheme, you’ll be coved for the cost of a home changepoint and its instillation.
Improved electric vehicles The latest electric cars have impressive driving ranges, allowing you to travel longer distances on a single charge.
The Ford Motability Scheme When you sign up to the Motability scheme with Ford you are signing up to 3 years of worry-free motoring.
All inclusive services Motability Customers receive an all-inclusive service, so you do not need to worry about securing insurance, MOTs or repairs.
Breakdown coverage Breakdown cover for your electric car is included in your lease.

Motability Model Lineup

Here at M53 Ford, we have four superb Ford Motability cars for you to choose from.

    Ford Focus One of the very best hatchbacks on the market, the Ford Focus is a practical and spacious family car that delivers agility and efficiency in equal measure.

    Ford Puma Quite possibly the finest compact SUV currently available, the Ford Puma is fun to drive and frugal to run.

    Ford Kuga The critically admired and very popular Ford Kuga delivers a sporty motoring experience while offering welcome fuel efficiency.

    Ford Mustang Mach-E The Ford Mustang Mach-E is practical, fast and ladened with leading-edge tech. It’s cost-effective to run, produces zero harmful emissions and offers a standard range of up to 273 miles.


    Do I need to be able to drive to join Motability?


    No. The beauty of Motability insurance is that you can select three named drivers, none of whom need to be you.

    What's included with the lease?


    Among other things, M53 Ford Motability includes:

    • A brand-new Ford car every three years
    • Modifications that make your vehicle easier to access and drive
    • Insurance
    • Servicing, routine repairs and MOTS
    • RAC Motability Assist
    • Tyres repaired or replaced if worn or damaged with natural use
    • Damaged windscreen replacement
    • Electric vehicle support


    Does it matter how old I am?


    No, there’s no specific age limit because eligibility is based on your allowance, not your age.

    Will I be able to stow my scooter or wheelchair?


    A range of modifications are available (many of which are free of charge) that make it easier to load bulky items. For instance, you can specify a boot or roof hoist.