FordPass 2.0 App and FordPass Connect

One of the key requirements for any modern vehicle is to be able to offer connectivity that enhances the driving experience. WIth Ford being a pioneer in many automotive systems, it’ll come as no surprise that the marque has embraced this requirement with relish. Through the development of the FordPass App 2.0 and FordPass Connect, you will be able to engage with your vehicle like never before, with compatible vehicles providing an in-car modem that connects to your smartphone and provides online access wherever you go.

Among the many advantages of such systems are the ability to control selected aspects of your vehicle, as well as better plan your journeys and ensure you’re getting the very best out of your driving performance. Among those benefits of the technology are: 

*FordPass connect is only available on certain models so please call us to find out more.

Traffic information

Regular satellite navigation is no longer enough for the modern motorist. With Ford SYNC 3 connectivity to your smartphone, you are able to not only navigate your routes most efficiently, but also receive realtime traffic updates that will alert you to diversions and traffic. This Live Traffic system will keep you ahead of other road users and comes free of charge for two years with FordPass Connect.

WiFi hotspot

For those travelling in groups or with a young family, the need to keep everyone happy is vital. With a built-in WiFi hotspot providing 4G LTE access, up to ten devices will be able to connect to the internet without using smartphone data allowances. WIth three months or 3GB of complimentary data available with FordPass Connect, followed by the option to purchase data bundles, everyone on board will be able to benefit from streaming services and internet access for an enjoyable ride.


A system that could prove life-saving should you experience an accident, eCall - which first launched in the all-new Ford Focus - reduces the time between any incident and the emergency services tending to your needs. Should you find yourself involved in a collision or accident, FordPass Connect will automatically call the emergency services and provide details of your location. There is also the option of manually triggering the feature via an SOS button in the car.

FordPass 2.0 App and FordPass Connect, Providing Traffic information.

Vehicle Status

The Vehicle Status feature of the app enables you to remotely check on the oil and fuel levels of your car, as well as check how long until you are due your next service. Not only that, but Vehicle Health Alerts can be sent direct to your smartphone, identifying the specific issues and recommending the necessary action.

FordPass 2.0 App and FordPass Connect, Providing Vehicle Status.

Remote control

The FordPass app puts a number of features and functions in the palm of your hand. For example, you will be able to lock and unlock your vehicle via the app, and start the engine from the comfort of home. This may prove invaluable should you wish to warm the engine and the cabin before setting off on cold winter days.

Another valuable feature is being able to find the parking location of your car with a minimum of fuss. The FordPass app pinpoints the exact location of the vehicle for you to easily navigate your way back to the car - no more wandering around huge car parks searching for your vehicle.

FordPass 2.0 App and FordPass Connect, Remote Control..

To download the FordPass App please use either Apple App Store or Google Play Store

For more information please contact us or alternatively check out these videos on the Ford Pass App