M53 Ford - Exciting Editions To Come From Ford.

Exciting editions to come from Ford

With Ford continuing to introduce more and more models that embrace low-emissions and electric engine technology, we at M53 Ford are pleased to take a look at some of the latest editions being unveiled and which will soon be available to purchase from our dealership.

First up among the new models is the latest iteration of the ever-popular Ford Fiesta. The new Ford Fiesta MHEV model incorporates a capable 48-volt electric motor that will complement the turbocharged 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine, adding an extra 20Nm of torque and incorporating regenerative braking to help generate a charge for the battery. Power outputs in the Fiesta MHEV will be 123bhp and 153bhp, with the former able to return fuel economy of up to 57.6mpg.

M53 Ford - Selling the Ford Fiesta.
Front Angle of Ford Fiesta, White.

Another vehicle that will embrace this innovative and efficient hybrid technology is the Ford Focus MHEV. Like the Fiesta, the new Focus MHEV provides an EcoBoost Hybrid powertrain for the ultimate in fuel efficiency and added power. This 1.0-litre engine works with the 48-volt battery and self charges through regenerative braking, and will also be available in the 123bhp and 153bhp options providing up to 55.4mpg.

Both the Fiesta and Focus models will continue to provide the same exacting standards of design, safety and technology for which they are known, with the very latest in infotainment and smartphone connectivity among those measures that will enhance your driving experience.

Side/Back Angle of Ford Focus, Blue.
Front of Ford Focus, Blue.

The final model that will soon be available is the new Ford Ranger Thunder. This distinctive take on the manufacturer’s iconic pickup truck is a real force of nature, with its powerful look and Ranger Wildtrak capability making this a stand out workhorse for those not afraid to be noticed. Unique 18-inch alloy wheels, signature red Thunder details, and premium upholstery materials are all among the sleek touches that ensure a head-turning design.

We at M53 Ford will endeavour to keep you updated with further details on these three exciting models as they become available. You can also stay in touch by contacting the team at our dealership today, and take a look through those new Ford cars already available to purchase. Text here ...

Front of the New Ford Ranger Thunder, Grey.
Front Skirt of the New Ford Ranger Thunder, Grey.